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70 Quotes about School Friends that’ll Remind You why they’re so Special

Some of the best people to know are from our school days.

People grow, change and drift apart.

But always remember, no matter what’s happened in between, you can pick up where you left off because when it comes down to it, they’re some of the best people to know.

So, what are you waiting for?

Read these quotes about school friends and feel free to share them with your loved ones or online!

70 Quotes about school friends that will hit your heart

There are memories that you can never forget in school because they’re some of the best people to know and they will always be there for you during good times and bad.

The following quotes about school friends will hit your heart, especially if you’ve ever lost touch with someone from your past.

1.      “We’re not best friends like we used to be, but I’ll always remember all the times that we had.”

2.      “My friendship is worth nothing if it can’t survive the slow decay of distance.”

3.      “There’s no way to describe my best friends. They just get me.”

4.      “When I met you, my life was going in a completely different direction but that one encounter made all the difference to who I am today.”

5.      “The grades we got and the songs we sung, they’re memories made and still ringing strong.”

6.      “If you’re lucky enough, your life will flash before your eyes, and the memories of those who’ve been there from the start will be right at the front.”

7.      “They say time heals all wounds but I only find it widening the gap between us.”

8.      “It doesn’t matter how many years go by, you will never forget that one person who didn’t give up on you.”

9.      “The laughs, struggles, and fun times are unforgettable, but it’s the moments that I’ve spent with you that mean more than anything.”

10.      “I hope that you’ve known all along, without you my world would never go round.”

11.      “We’ve had more good times than bad and no matter what happens in the future, I’ll always remember it fondly.”

12.      “How can I forget about someone who made me feel like I could fly?”

13.      “You know that friend who is always there to cheer you up when you’re down? You should be grateful for people like them.”

14.      “No matter how much time goes by, it will never change the fact that I’ve loved every moment with you.”

15.      “I hope that the memories of us will last forever because they’ve been some of the best times.”

16.      “It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, I’ll always have you in my heart.”

17.      “No matter where this road takes me, I will never forget the moments shared with you.”

18.      “Some memories are best left alone because they take us back to the good times.”

19.      “I don’t know where life will take me, but I’ll always remember how special you were to me.”

20.      “Even though distance has separated us, I hope that you know that I’d walk across the world for you.”

21.      “You’ll always have a place in my heart because of the memories that were built with someone like you.”

22.      “There are some people in this world who will never fade from your memory no matter how much time goes by.”

23.      “Although we may not speak every day, I hope that you know how special you still are to me.”

24.      “Forget your yesterdays because they’re gone, but dream of all the tomorrows you’ve yet to meet because memories are forever.”

25.      “Sometimes the best memories are built from a single glance.”

26.      “People come and go in life but you’ll always be here because of the memories we’ve shared together.”

27.      “Some friends may leave your life, but they never leave your heart.”

28.      “Don’t forget those who’ve walked with you because they’re the ones that matter the most.”

29.      “There will always be those moments you wish could freeze in time but only a precious few will ever stay within your heart.”

30.     “The future will bring new memories but the past will always be a part of you.”

31.      “I don’t care how much time goes by, I’ll never forget what we had because it was beautiful.”

32.     “If you find someone who loves you for exactly who you are, don’t let them go because they’re a rare gift.”

33.      “It doesn’t matter if we talk or not, I will never stop thinking of you because I care about you too much to forget.”

34.      “Some people come into your life and leave footprints on your heart, but one friend like that is worth more than anything.”

35.      “One day we will be reunited for a lifetime of memories but until then all I can do is wait.”

36.      “Some people come into our lives and make us better people, even if it’s just by showing us how to smile again.”

37.      “Even though we’re not together anymore, you will always remain in my heart because the memories were that special.”

38.      “You’ll always have a place in my heart because you believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.”

39.      “I hope that you know how important you are because it’s more than I can say about most people.”

40.      “If every day was a dream and memories would fade away, I’d trade it all to be back with you again.”

41.      “Even though we may be miles apart, you’re always with me because I carry you within my heart.”

42.      “I wish that I could dream for a lifetime because it would be full of memories shared with someone like you.”

43.      “There’s nothing like the bond that was created through those special years.”

44.      “Even if I never see you again, I’ll always carry within my heart the memories of our time together.”

45.     “No matter where I am, you will always be in my heart because that’s where memories are.”

46.      “I can’t imagine what life would be like without the memories we’ve shared together.”

47.      “Although we may not have spoken in a while, please know that there are moments when I think of you fondly.”

48.      “There are times when I just want to pick up the phone because old friends like you will never fade from my heart.”

49.      “Some people change our lives but we can’t forget those who had a hand in making us who we are today.”

50.      “There comes a time when the night sky reminds us of the people that we’ll never forget.”

51.       “You are the best part of my past because you made me who I am today.”

52.      “I know that it’s not goodbye, just see you later because every time we meet again it starts a new memory.”

53.      “I wish that I could just turn back time for one more day with you because the memories are unforgettable.”

54.      “In life, we have to say goodbye to some people but all I wish is that it wasn’t so hard because the memories will never fade.”

55.      “I know that we may not be friends anymore but please know that you will always remain in my heart because nobody can ever take those special moments away.”

56.      “The past may be behind us but it will always remain alive in our hearts.”

57.       “Don’t apologize for being yourself, there are some people who are worth holding onto until the very end.”

58.      “Even if we aren’t friends anymore, I can’t forget about some of the memories because they are the best part of my childhood.”

59.      “They say not to think of yesterday because it may be gone, but if I never think about the past then how can I wish for tomorrow?”

60.      “Time passes by fast and sometimes we don’t realize until it’s too late.”

61.      “It doesn’t matter if we’re miles apart because you’ll always be in my heart.”

62.      “The memories of laughter and happiness that come from friends are worth more than anything else.”

63.      “I’m not sure what I would do without the memories from our friendship because it gets me through the tough days.”

64.      “The past is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised to us, so please don’t dwell on any hard feelings that may have caused a rift in your friendships.”

65.        “We don’t choose our friends in life but sometimes we have to let go of those who are no longer a part of it.”

66.      “I would give up everything I have just to spend one more day with you because life is so much better when you have someone special at your side.”

67.      “Even though we may not speak, I always want you to know that the memories will never fade because they were meant to stay with us forever.”

68.      “There is nothing like having a best friend who knows you better than anyone else in the world.”

69.     “Our friendship is unconditional and it will never fade even if we’re not speaking right now.”

70.      “I may not always remember to call you but I will never ever forget the memories we’ve made together.”      

Quotes about school friends: Key Takeaways

The following quotes about school friends will inspire and motivate you to hold onto the people that matter most.

The memories you’ve shared together are unforgettable because they’re some of the best moments in life.

So don’t let friendships fade because today might be your last day with them.

You can catch up on old times by simply talking about how things have been going.

Or write a letter to your friend if you can’t get in touch with them over the phone.

It’s OK to feel down where you’re far apart, but the thing about friends is that they will always be there for you when you need them most.

And if another friend comes along, don’t give up on the people who still mean the world to you because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Hopefully, these 70 quotes about school friends have encouraged you to live life to the fullest because there’s so much left to explore.

So until next time, share positivity and show the world what being a true friend means.

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