Quotes on trust broken

65 Quotes on trust broken that will make you feel better

Trust is one of the most important things in any relationship.

When it’s broken, the situation can become incredibly difficult to navigate.

We all know that feeling-the sense of betrayal that can be so overwhelming, it feels like it might break us.

But quotes on trust broken can help you pick up the pieces and move on without becoming discouraged.

Let’s explore these 65 quotes on trust broken that will make you feel better!

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Why do you need to read these quotes on trust broken

If you have gone through a situation where your trust has been broken, it can be very difficult to move on.

You may feel like you can’t trust anyone again, and that can be quite isolating.

These quotes on trust broken will help you to see that you are not alone in what you are feeling, and that there are plenty of people out there who feel exactly the same way.

Quotes on trust broken for when you feel overwhelmed

  1. “It takes a long time to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.”

2. “Trust is the glue that holds our relationships together. When we don’t take the time to talk about what’s wrong or right in our lives and instead assume we know each other, mistrust starts to form.”

3. “A broken trust is the most painful experience we can endure.”

4. “When someone you love breaks your trust, it’s like a part of you dies.”

5. “Don’t be too trusting, for people will take advantage of you; but don’t look too closely, for people will cheat you.”

6. “Trust must be built on truth and the foundation of integrity.”

7. “If we want to build trust we need to know each other better… we have to talk openly about our fears and hopes if we want others to understand us.”

8. “The biggest barrier to trust is the fear that we will be hurt again.”

9. “Suspicious minds are never at peace.”

10. “Trust can be rebuilt, but it’s never the same as it was before.”

11. “When we are hurt by someone we love, our instinct is to withdraw and protect ourselves. But this only compounds the problem and makes it harder for us to heal.”

12. “When you have been hurt by someone you love, the wound can be so deep that it feels like you will never heal.”

13. “Some relationships are worth saving, but others are not. Trust is a big factor in this.”

14. “When trust is broken, it’s very difficult to rebuild it. But if you try to ignore the problem and hope that it will resolve itself, then the relationship will never fully recover.”

15. “Sometimes we think we know someone and then something happens that breaks our trust and we realize we really don’t know them at all.”

16. “If lies can eat away at your soul until you no longer recognize yourself.”

17.”We are not perfect people. You will never trust yourself completely again after you have been betrayed by someone you cared about.”

18. “The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you can not move forward.”- Steve Marabolli

19. “Resentments are like a giant rock that you carry on your shoulder, making every day more difficult than it has to be.”

20. “Bitterness is like cancer. It eats away at the very core of our being, destroying our ability to experience joy and happiness.”

21. “The moment you harbor resentment, you open yourself up to further hurt.”

22. “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

23. “When you forgive, you free yourself from the past and open yourself up to a new beginning.”

24. “Forgiveness is the ultimate act of self-love.”

25. “Don’t force yourself to forget what happened, but never give up on the hope of forgiving.”

26. “The most important thing is to forgive yourself. You are not a bad person because someone broke your trust. You are a good person because you are giving yourself another chance.”

27. “Trust is like a mirror, it can be repaired, but the crack will always be there.”- Lady Gaga

28. “Betrayal leaves a wound that can never be healed.”

29. “Trust is a precious commodity, once lost it can never be regained.”

30. “No matter how hard we try, we can never fully protect ourselves from the pain of betrayal.”

31. “A relationship is never more complicated than when one person is trying to trust another who has betrayed that trust.”

32. “The best thing you can do is be open and honest with each other, no matter how bad it feels in the moment.”

33. “You can’t build a strong relationship on a weak foundation. You have to establish trust.”

34. “Once you find yourself doubting your own mind, then it’s time to question if there is a lack of trust between the two of you.”

35. “Trust cannot be forced on someone who can’t give their heart freely.”

36. “Trust is earned, not given.”

37. “Trust takes time to build, seconds to lose and forever to repair.”

38. “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”- George MacDonald

39. “The hurt of betrayal cuts so deeply because it often strikes at our deepest emotional vulnerabilities.”

40. “It’s natural to feel hurt and angry after being betrayed, but don’t let those feelings take control of your life.”

41. “The best thing you can do is give yourself room and permission to feel every ounce of anger and hurt until you accept what happened.”

42. “The truth is, when someone betrays your trust, it’s never about you. Betrayal is about them.”

43. “It’s ok to cry over spilled milk but it doesn’t mean you should drown in it.”

44. “We only learn the real meaning of friendship after we’ve been betrayed by someone we thought was a friend.”

45. “No one knows how hard it is to get up off the floor until they are there themselves.”

46. “You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it.”

47. “The only way to get over a betrayal is to go through it.”

48. “The pain of betrayal will always be there, but it’s up to you to decide if the memory will haunt you forever”

49. “Revenge is an ugly monster that comes back and bites you in the butt when you least expect it.”

50. “It’s important to forgive, not for the person who hurt you, but for yourself.”

51. “Forgiveness is not saying that what happened was ok, it’s simply acknowledging that what happened happened and you are ready to move on.”

52. “It’s time to release the anger and pain and start fresh with a heart that is open and willing to trust again.”

53. “The most beautiful thing about forgiveness is that it doesn’t depend on the other person, it depends on you.”

54. “Forgiveness is not just about saying “I forgive you”. It’s also about releasing the negative feelings you still harbor.”

55. “It’s ok to be angry, it’s not ok to use your anger as an excuse for revenge.”

56. “When you hold on to anger it’s like letting someone you despise live rent free in your head.”

57. “Forgiveness can be confusing if you’re not sure what it really means. For me, it’s about letting go of my pain and taking back control of my life.”

58. “Trust is the glue that holds a relationship together, without it, the relationship will eventually fall apart.”

59. “The best way to rebuild trust is to start with small steps and be patient. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”

60. “Trust is like a rose, beautiful and delicate. It needs tender care and lots of sunshine to grow strong.”

61. “It takes more energy to unhappily tolerate someone than it does to politely avoid them.”

62. “The best thing you can do for yourself is let go, love yourself enough to take a step back.”

63. “Distance is not a bad thing, it gives you time to think and breathe. Sometimes you need to put some space between you and the person who hurt you.”

64. “The truth is, sometimes it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who doesn’t make you feel whole.”

65. “You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change, but you can walk away and find someone who will love you the way you are.”

These are just a few of the many things you can do to help heal broken trust.

Remember, it’s ok to be sad and mourn the loss of what could have been.

Just don’t let that sadness turn into anger and resentment.

The most important thing is to give yourself time and space to heal.

And when you’re ready, start fresh with an open heart and a willingness to trust again.

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